[De/Vision - Running All Night]

God Machine soundtrack stuff. AKA inspiration music.


My tribute to Maynard in vol. 1 of @TheGodMachine. Yeah, my attempt at a math/Tool lyric. 90 by 4= 360. (Full turn around) 90 degree angles x 4 = a perfect Square. #comics #aperfectcircle #aperfectsquare #parody #tool #maynard #thegodmachine

This scene in particular is based on the first time I saw A Perfect Circle in concert. It was their Mer De Noms tour. (about 2000-01)

I won tickets to the show at the Hard Rock Cafe (Orlando) and took my friend JT (who Evil God is based on) with me. I was completely head over heals in love with the dude, but as all tragic stories go, he was not in love with me- ha! (That in itself is a long story, but the real happy ending is that we are still friends to this day.)

Bringing it back to the comic, Guy and Sith are a combination of me from that night- there was the guy who loved protecting me from the Moshers moshing inappropriately to APC and Maynard singing heavenly (and seemingly) to me. It was as if time stopped and nothing could be better than that moment.

In high school me and my friend held Maynard up as one of our Gods (him and Trent). It was a weird time of idols and finding solace in music. I suppose that is the teen MO. Though as a 30 something music still is the one hiding place still left in this world.

This scene is a tribute to a moment of real happiness, to a real life God among men (and the bandmates that surround him), to the one who got away, and to pure geekery.

Anyways happy birthday Maynard, and thanks for the excuse of talking about this. ;D


p.s. poor Milo. Which Milo returns in volume 2, for what that’s worth.

Progress of a God Machine page.

What page? What book? WHUT?

[The God Machine does not have a dedicated instagram, but creator Chandra Free does @ spookychan - She’s currently updating her feed with in progress photos of these comic pages. If you follow, you just have to bare some cat photos and her occasional face. :P]

[Seabound - Everything]

"You are everything…"


Sickness - Commission by SpookyChan

New art. :3 Sickness from my comic, The God Machine.


Good God with glasses - Commission by SpookyChan

From my DA description:

character- Good God
from- my comic, “The God Machine.”
media- fire alpaca/photoshop

The best thing when I get a commission? When someone asks for one of my characters. This one was a fun one because the client asked for GG to wear glasses (and to have an unamused look over her glasses). I had actually been playing with the glasses idea in my head already for later. I don’t think this will be her final form in spec-wear, but having granny glasses seemed to be a fun idea for her. Who know’s maybe she has a bunch of different type of glasses laying around, similar to Evil God and his normal specs and his sun-glasses.

You might ask yourself, “why do Gods need glasses?” That’s for me to know, and you to find out! ;D We do get to learn about a few big things about the Gods in volume 2 that should prove to be interesting…
Yes wary fans, volume 2 is happening…

ANYWAYS! Still taking special commissions! See details here— http://spookychan.tumblr.com/post/74927721529/chan-needs-money-special-commission-time

New Good God art~


I know you’re tortured within,

Your eyes look hungry again…

You’re tangled in the great escape.

*posts this at 2:30am when no one will see*

i took my emotions out on Guy. as if he needs more problems. I wanted this to be messy and emotional and I think I succeeded.

New fanart! Aww, poor Guy! Thank you mechanicalalex! <3 It’s awesome!



Latest test Ian design (for @TheGodMachine) I did on vacation. Unfortunately, I think I lost his Chinese/Scottish look with trying to make his face more angular. Eyes are also a real challenge too… But I think I’m closer now with his hair, addition of his glasses…#wip #drawing #design #sketch

Original image for THE GOD MACHINE PREVIEW BOOK way back when… I never put it online until JUST NOW. 

I love that little preview book so much. Not the easiest to find these days. 


media: Pencil/Paper, Photoshop.


The Betrayal by SpookyChan

Taken from my DeviantART description:

Characters- (older) Guy Salvatore, Good God
from- The God Machine
media- Photoshop
CONTEXT- I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately with my art, admiring people and what they do and feeling like the odd man out (though I like what I do, I just feel weird sometimes.) Looking for a theme or something to challenge myself to do an actual detailed image digitally (and in photoshop to boot) I looked to Tumblr for answers. SO! Last night I asked people on Tumblr to give me themes to draw my characters to. skullskratching suggested I do something with desperation/betrayal (they thought Good God & Guy would be perfect for conveying such emotions.) Then digitoonie suggested “last resort,” for the character to get out of…and low and behold I came up with this. 
MORE CONTEXT ON CONTEXT OF IMAGE- Now! With such dark themes I was given, I ran with it to the darkest place I could go to. This is loosely based on actual events. I won’t spoil it for you, because some of it’s wrong, some of it’s right, it has all to do with Guy & GG, but not like this, but like this. (I know! Vague to the end!) 
ABOUT THE IMAGE ITSELF- I’m very much a fan of Marcel DuChamp - yes the ass-hole who but a mustache on Mona Lisa and called a urinal art.. the very same jerk-off. HEAR ME OUT! His paintings (his original stuff that falls doesn’t “really” fall into the category of DaDa), more importantly a painting of his, has inspired me for years, “Nude Descending Staircase No.2”. I love it. I have always been fascinated by seeing the movement of the figure as it’s depicted all at once in a single image. To see movement, to capture it, to give the impression, or what was in the context of the present…I just love that. So, from time to time, you’ll see that creep up in my images- this one obviously is one of those images. 
The question you should be asking now is- did Guy start off in this image with the gun resting on his chest, or the other way around?
Also, i think I hate myself when I draw sometimes- even if this was an exercise to prove I could do something detailed, I gave myself a complicated composition and even something I found to be taxing to color. I loved the drawing so much that I didn’t want to “paint” like I typically do these days. I might reconsider re-coloring it or posting it’s drawing only in the future.
LASTLY- Should you consider this canon? 
That’s your choice. :3 Let me know what you see in this image- what’s the story here?
Look! I wrote commentary to one of my drawings again! How bout that! <3

"Breaking Through"  From “The God Machine.”

Media- Photoshop

2013 (c) Chandra Free


Tons of holes… #thegodmachine #wip #drawing #comics #guysalvatore

Vol 2 preview… ;)

THE GOD MACHINE vol 1 (Chapter 1) - Page comparison between pencils vs. final color work. 


The Corruption of Good God (2009-2012)

[Pencil on Bristol (original pencil drawing SOLD) and Photoshop]

A little known fact is that I will sometimes go back into the images and update them for the prints I have at cons. Usually, if you buy a print from me, it won’t be the same cropping, or even the same image. I try to keep things all looking the best they can! This particular print I came across tonight in prep for NYCC. I’ve always loved this image so much, and it occurred to me that I had updated it for 2012’s DragonCon. SO! Why not share?

You can see the original here.

Notable differences are in GG and Guy’s faces, color enhancement, brightness, and Guy’s halo.